Plytix (PIM) Implementation.

Building a central source of truth for your product information.

For Shopify multistore brands, managing product information is hard. For every store you have, you've got another catalogue of product information to manage. And if you spot a typo, you need to change it across every single store - which costs you money, and takes your employees time that they should be spending on more important things. 

Plytix solves this. A Shopify-only PIM designed to make it easier to push a single source of truth to all your Shopify stores; so that mistakes can't happen.

Our approach to PIM.

We work exclusively with Plytix and Shopify - we don't integrate any other PIM. As a result, you know when you hire us to integrate Plytix with Shopify, you're dealing with people who know both products inside out. 

We take a holistic approach to your product data - working with you to identify all relevant potential issues and pitfalls so the integration runs smoothly. We take the following approach across all our clients - it's a proven approach that we've tried and tested and it works.


We get to know your product set and your business inside out - meeting with you to understand what your requirements are. We have a series of requirements on our side as well - and if we feel that based on our discussions Plytix isn't a good fit for you, we'll be upfront and honest with you. If it is a good fit, you'll be presented with a scope of work for you to sign off on.

Data transfer.

At this point, we dive into Shopify and download all of your product data - your titles, descriptions, sizing and variant options, images, etc - and transfer them to Plytix for all of your stores. Whether you've got two stores or twenty - all of the data is painstakingly extracted, verified and cleansed and imported into Plytix.


At this stage, we integrate Plytix with all your Shopify stores and start pushing the data over. You won't have any idea this is happening - the process is seamless and there won't be any disruption to your front end.


At this point, Plytix is ready to be used to create and edit new products. We'll go through this with your team and train them so they know exactly what to do.


We can be available for as long as you need us following the integration, with consultancy calls, live meets or even in-person workshops on how to get the best out of Plytix.

Why should Let's Drive Digital manage your

PIM integration?

  • Quicker time to market. If you do this yourself, you need to learn how to transfer product data and push it back to Shopify in a way that doesn't cause disruption to your front end. On top of this, you need to learn how to use Plytix for editing and creating new products.  That's at least a 10 week lead time. We can do it in three weeks.
  • Partners with Plytix. We work with Plytix on a number of other projects and we're a proud Plytix partner. This means that we get direct access to their support, as well as the ability to offer you discounted rates. We find that your investment in us will pay back within 18 months just on the license savings alone... let alone the time saved by your employees now only needing to edit one thing rather than several.
  • Best in class service and support. We know Plytix inside and out and we'll train your staff personally, on-site. No worrying about staff figuring things out for themselves - anything they'll conceivably need to know in Plytix, we'll show them how to do it and provide clear documentation that you own - so there'll never be a "how do I do this?" moment again.

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