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  • Growing TXO’s organic traffic by 36% and web leads by 70% in 12 months
  • We performed a fully managed domain migration for this client from a domain established in 2005 to a brand new domain purchased from another business – with an increase in traffic of 36% and increase in web leads of 70%
  • We implemented an extremely successful content strategy – our blogs now make up 30% of the highest trafficked pages on the site
  • We have supported the business with significant internal growth ambitions, including but not limited to the quality and quantity of product data surfaced on their website as well as a full, root-and-branch review and continued maintenance of their very active CRM system



Jack Bird

Managing Director


Douglas Storer 

Head of Client Delivery

Our involvement

Successful and transformative domain migration

We began working with TXO in 2020 and they are still one of our most valued clients. Our initial remit was around a domain migration from a very established and authoritative domain in the industry to a new, three letter TLD. Extensive due diligence needed to be done not only over the potential effects of the move, but also around the background and history of the new domain. Additionally this domain switch was also to coincide with the launch of a brand new site – further complicating matters.

After several months of preparation, the domain migration was performed to a high standard in partnership with the digital agency involved in hosting the website. We successfully managed the project and ensured all key stakeholders performed their duties correctly. The results of this domain switch were highly encouraging – the site experienced no loss of traffic and following the launch of the new website, for which a very extensive and comprehensive redirect file was assembled by us, traffic increased up to 90% in the months that followed.

Rationalisation of content

When we began working with TXO, they had hundreds of thousands of pages on their site, many of which were not driving any traffic whatsoever. Therefore, there was a significant crawl budget issue that we were able to largely resolve, but in the first instance we decided that content rationalisation was the way forward - pruning pages that did not need to be there.

For pages that we wanted to keep out of Google's index but still wanted to keep on the site for users to view, we helped implement a solution where pages that were not as important were Javascript client-side rendered, and important pages were server-side rendered so that Google could crawl them.

We also implemented a comprehensive category page system so that even where endpoint pages did not rank, largely the category page did.

Identification of content gaps where competitors were ranking

While TXO ranked reasonably well for relevant product-related queries, there were competitors that were getting orders of magnitude more traffic on certain key terms. While these sites weren't necessarily true competitors in the traditional sense, there was some overlap with TXO's product offering. We identified several opportunities where TXO could optimise product or services pages to get them to rank higher than competitors, driving a significant amount of extra traffic (which ultimately translates into leads and sales.)

Two distinct strategies designed to drive growth

TXO's SEO strategy with previous partners had been primarily product-led. While we continued this (because we were able to make it work) it was clear that a product-led strategy was only ever going to be able to deliver a certain amount of growth. Having recognised this, in January 2023 we began to implement a content-led strategy around two key areas - technical, industry relevant blogs, and informative telecoms platforms pages. Due to the way users in this industry search, we had to ensure we were able to produce content that clearly matched the intent of the user, while also portraying TXO's authority, expertise and ability to procure the part in question on behalf of the customer.

Ongoing technical optimisations

As mentioned, TXO's site has a significant number of pages designed to appeal to as wide an in-market audience as possible. However there were technical issues here that could not be resolved simply by reducing the number of pages. In collaboration with TXO's IT team, we co-ordinated a move to Cloudflare from the existing DNS provider (which was not enterprise-grade). While normally this would be a trivial task, TXO's internal systems rely heavily on DNS and there had been a number of previous failed attempts at moving to another provider. We were able to audit the DNS records thoroughly and successfully migrate TXO to Cloudflare, which reduced DNS lookup times by at least 50%. 

Continued optimisation of the user journey

 TXO relies heavily on organic search to drive leads on their website. While we run a small display ads campaign for them and social media (primarily LinkedIn) is run in-house, organic makes up around 95% of the leads driven on their website. As such, minor tweaks to the user journey can have a significant impact. We continually suggested improvements and optimisations. A combination of this as well as the exceptional traffic growth we achieved resulted in a major increase in the number of enquiries that we see coming through the website.

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