✅  We performed a fully managed domain migration for this client from a domain established in 2005 to a brand new domain purchased from another business – with absolutely no loss of traffic


✅  We implemented an extremely successful content strategy – our blogs now make up 30% of the highest trafficked pages on the site


✅  We have supported the business with significant internal growth ambitions, including but not limited to the quality and quantity of product data surfaced on their website as well as a full, root-and-branch review and continued maintenance of their very active CRM system


Jack Bird

Managing Director

Douglas Storer

Head of Client Delivery

Our involvement

We began working with TXO in 2020 and they are still one of our most valued clients. Our initial remit was around a domain migration from a very established and authoritative domain in the industry to a new, three letter TLD. Extensive due diligence needed to be done not only over the potential effects of the move, but also around the background and history of the new domain. Additionally this domain switch was also to coincide with the launch of a brand new site – further complicating matters.

After several months of preparation, the domain migration was performed to a high standard in partnership with the digital agency involved in hosting the website. We successfully managed the project and ensured all key stakeholders performed their duties correctly. The results of this domain switch were highly encouraging – the site experienced no loss of traffic and following the launch of the new website, for which a very extensive and comprehensive redirect file was assembled by us, traffic increased up to 90% in the months that followed.

We also implemented a very successful content strategy for this client, with a hybrid model of us producing key product information pages as well as industry-leading blog content. We’re proud to say that this content is performing very well for the client, making up three of the top ten drivers of traffic on the site.

Additionally we are heavily involved in internal marketing and technical projects, working very closely with TXO’s IT and sales team to ensure continued business growth and success.>

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